Providing innovative air cargo services , packaging and R&D solution to fulfill customer requirement and various needs not met with current logistic services, as well as providing fast, safe, and an economic international shipments which creates inspiration and happiness.


Provide customers with cost efficiency, highest quality and punctuality on international express shipments, creating international trade.Develop into a global company with overseas offices and collaborations with different partners.In 30 years time, become one of the top 3 Japanese company in the express air shipment, going beyond European and American companies.


Build a strong position in the air cargo industry with unique service such as International Cool Express and Global Cool Chain.Create air freight service based on individual customer requirement with unique air logistic and new services.Do not adhere the old and traditional concept in this industry.


Contribute toward higher quality of life through innovative air cargo shipments and global distribution of high-quality food and products.Facilitate and support shareholders and clients business activities or new investments.As a member of society, obey the law and contribute toward sustainable development and social prosperity.Assist in employees happiness and professional developments and provide constructive working environment through mutual communication.